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Content management

Content generation is among the most obvious, but also most daunting, aspects of optimizing your website. You know that high-quality content is crucial in attracting visitors and converting them into customers – but it’s hard to find the time to create thoughtful, expert marketing texts for every page on your site. Understandably, your focus is on running your business, not on becoming a professional copywriter.

Or perhaps you would like to update your content on a regular basis – which by the way is a good idea if you aim to compete for search results. But the process of publishing online content involves a level of technical know-how, and learning how to operate a content management system is not an efficient use of your time.

Producing engaging content is one of the things we do best at Hardy International. I have been a professional translator, copywriter, author, and editor for more than a decade. I regard clear and effective writing to be something of a religion – an absolute commitment to producing the best written text for every single assignment. The other writers at Hardy International share this passion for great writing – we cultivate and value exceptional writers on our select team.

From a topical standpoint, we have written informative and pitch-perfect copy for a vast range of industry clients. From investing, transportation, nanotechnology, and geographic information systems to healthcare, engineering, entertainment, and retail – we work closely with you to create Web texts that will target and reach your target audience.

For example, you produce a rough draft or outline that includes important industry-specific language. We then polish and optimize your text for maximum online impact. You spend just 30 minutes, instead of hours. Your time is better spent taking care of customers.

We look forward to helping you generate, optimize, and manage your online content. An effective website that includes engaging content is among the most cost-effective tools for growing your business.

Get in touch. We can help you hone your message in English or German.