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SEO and search engine marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) can help your website achieve higher rankings – giving your business a tangible competitive advantage. Companies increasingly understand that maximizing their search rankings is an indispensible marketing tactic – and ultimately a low-cost, high-yield investment.

At Hardy International, we have built our reputation on transparency, fair pricing, and personal interaction. Are you ready to improve your rankings? Get in touch with us for a free and friendly SEO consultation. We’re web developers and search marketing experts – not a high-pressure sales force.

The first step of any SEO strategy is to optimize your website so that a search engine like Google can easily find it, understand what it’s about, and recommend it when the content matches a user search. This includes ensuring that on-page content contains keywords to attract the right kind of search traffic as well as implementing SEO best-practices, such as descriptive URLs, meta-information, unique content, and search-optimized page titles.

A crucial component of successful SEO is the presence of informative, useful, or entertaining content on your website. This content should contain relevant keywords within a natural context to help users and Google identify the main purpose or message of each page. The professional journalists and SEO copywriters at Hardy International love to produce highly readable, search-optimized copy for your Web pages. Give us a shout.

Once your website is packed with high-quality and SEO-friendly content (“linkbait”), the next step is to establish external links pointing back to your pages. Linkbuilding remains the most fluid and rapidly evolving part of SEO strategy. Search engine optimization is growing up fast, and the tools to achieve high rankings are becoming more sophisticated. Linkbuilding as a tactic is quickly evolving into something that very closely resembles traditional public relations work – reaching out to owners of high-quality sites and establishing synergies. The credibility and reputation of SEO providers are increasingly correlated with success.

We began offering German search engine optimization at Hardy International in 2007 as part of our broader language services palette. This early entrance into the SEO industry and a growing list of satisfied clients have propelled our search engine marketing business forward. We now offer a full range of SEO services for both German and English markets.

Get in touch. We have packages for every budget and the capacity to handle virtually any search marketing challenge.